What is the Best Knife for Cutting Tomatoes?

What is the Best Knife for Cutting Tomatoes?I love tomatoes and you’ll find me prepping tomatoes daily for sandwiches or for an ingredient in a dish. One of the problems when slicing tomatoes is finding a knife in the kitchen that can slice the tomatoes easily, thinly, and without squashing them. There’s nothing worse than seeing tomatoes on a plate that look like they’ve been hacked into shape with a carpenter’s handsaw. It doesn’t matter how nice the rest of the food on the plate looks if the tomatoes are looking shameful it ruins the look of everything else.

The trick to cutting tomatoes into beautiful thin slices is the knife (obviously) you can buy kitchen knives that are designed solely for cutting tomatoes like the Wusthof Gourmet Tomato Knife, but do you really need to invest in a knife just for cutting your tomatoes? If you’ve got money falling out of your pockets then go for it! But for the everyday home cook there is really no need too.

So What is the Best Knife for Slicing my Tomatoes?

Well if you do not want to invest in the specialized tomato knife your next best knife to use for cutting tomatoes would be some sort of serrated knife. It may seem like a bit of overkill to use a large serrated knife on your small delicate tomatoes but trust me it works great!

All of us have a serrated bread knife in the kitchen or even a serrated steak knife – there really is no need to invest in a specialized tomato knife if you don’t want to, you already have the right tools in your kitchen to cut the perfect tomatoes.

Just How is My Serrated Bread Knife the Best Knife for Slicing Tomatoes?

The serrated knife tends to be one of the sharper knives in the kitchen, take your bread knife for example; you only tend to use it for slicing your bread so it really never gets that worn and is always readily sharp. The many gripping surfaces of a serrated knife also cut through the smooth, slippery of the tomato much more easily than you other knives would.

Can I Use Any Other Types of Knives for Cutting my Tomatoes?

Yes you can! If you want to cut your tomatoes in style you can always use a Japanese Nakiri Knife; these knives really make cutting small large, big (any size) of tomatoes a breeze and many of the best Nakiri Knives will have either a Damascus style blade or a Hollow Edge that stops the tomatoes from sticking to the knife blade.

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Yes these Nakiri Knives are little more expensive than your standard serrated bread knife, but if I had to choose between investing in a Tomato Knife or a Nakiri Knife it would be the Nakiri Knife for sure as it has many other uses in the kitchen than just cutting your tomatoes.

I have heard that some Chef’s use the Shun Dual Density Utility Knife, this knife looks like it could do a lot of damage in the wrong hands. I’ve not personally used this knife to cut tomatoes but by only looking at the knife I can tell it does look like it would also be perfect for the job. Take a look at this knife here

So what is the best knife for cutting your tomatoes? I highly recommend you invest in a good Nakiri Knife – trust me you’ll love how it cuts your tomatoes.

What do you use to cut your tomatoes?

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