Best Knife for Cutting Meat

Best Knife for Cutting MeatAre you struggling to find the best knife for cutting meat? Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

In this article we have picked out some of the best knives we’ve found for cutting raw meat and slicing cooked meat, plus a few all purpose kitchen knives thrown in too.

When it comes to cutting meat not all kitchen knives can tackle the job effortlessly, try cutting a piece of roasted beef with a paring knife for example. I know you wouldn’t do that, but you get my point.

In the next section we have covered all of the bases when choosing the best meat cutting knife; with what to look for and the best traits and characteristics when buying a slicing knife for meat.

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What to Look For In a Best Knife for Cutting Meat

Knives with stiff blades make slicing and cutting meat difficult, flexible knife blades work a lot better, but we have found that the best knife for cutting meat needs to be somewhere in between; not too flexible but not too stiff.

Tip: If you are looking at slicing fish then a more flexible blade would be the better option.

Heavier slicing knives will make cutting a lot easier, keeping a straight cutting path and are far more stable than the lighter alternatives; look for a knife weighing around 6oz for the best cutting.

When looking at the weight of the knife the better slicing knives have weight both in the blade and the handle, having this weight combination makes cutting meat effortless.

What to Look For In a Best Knife for Cutting Meat

Round, Granton Edge Blade

The right slicing knife also needs to have a slightly tapered blade for the best results.

Forget about the pointed knives like carving knives for the best results cutting meat you need a slicing knife with a round end.

One of the characteristics to look out for when choosing best meat cutting knife are Granton edge blades.

This feature give a dimple effect to the knife blade which allows for a less flexible blade but at the same time giving you the needed weight. Also the Granton edge allows for food to easily drop away from the blade with ease.

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How about the size of the knife? We found that a 12-inch slicing knife yielded the best results when slicing meat.

So now you know what to look for in the best knife for cutting meat lets move on and see our top picks.

Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat

When it comes to choosing the best knife for cutting raw meat each person has their own personal favorites and not only that depending on what you are doing to the meat will call for a different kitchen knife to be used.

If you are tackling a boneless piece of raw meat any large thin blade knife should do the trick.

A slicing knife, a good quality chef’s knife, a caring knife or even a meat clever will be able to prepare boneless meat.

If you want to prepare meat with bones and are trying to slice the meat off and around the bones a kitchen knife with a long blade and a slight curve would do a great job.

The longer the knife the cleaner the cuts of meat as you are able to apply a slicing motion easily; so an 8-12 inch knife blade is going to make your life easier and offer-up cleaning cuts of meat.

The best kitchen knives that can tackle cutting raw meat would be the classic western boning knife or a Hankotsu knife.

Best Knife for Cutting Cooked Meat

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen knife for cutting cooked meat you really want a slicing knife with all of the characteristics we covered further up in this article.

the Victorinox Forschner slicing knife

Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

We have tried a few slicing knives and the best we found was the Forschner slicing knife or as known as the Victorinox Granton edge slicing knife to be the best knife when it comes to cutting cooked meat.

This kitchen knife has all of the features we looked for when choosing a meat cutting knife and at a price that should fit into even the most modest of budgets.

The Victorinox slicing knife (formerly Victorinox Forschner) is the butcher’s choice when it comes to meat cutting knives and is a top rated knife in Americas Test Kitchen as well as Cooks Illustrated Magazine, so you know this meat cutting knife means business!

The Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife features a non-slip, ergonomic design (NSF approved) Fibrox handle and the blades are crafted from high-carbon stainless steel.

If you are looking for the best knife for cutting meat, look no further the Victorinox Forschner slicing knife is the only slicing knife you will ever need.

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