What Chef Knife Does Jamie Oliver Use?

Firstly Just Who is Jamie Oliver the Chef?Firstly Just Who is Jamie Oliver the Chef?

Jamie Oliver burst onto the scene after being discovered working as a sous chef at the River Café in Fulham in the late 90’s.

The BBC was filming a show at the Café and discovered Jamie and from there he managed to score his own TV cooking show “The Naked Chef

Jamie Oliver is well known for his food focused TV shows, cookbooks as well as his recent project and campaigning against fast foods and processed foods in schools across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Celebrity Chef Knife Sets

As with many of the top celebrity chefs producing and marketing their own knife sets is often the norm. To be honest many of the knife sets that have been branded with a celebrity chefs names are often mediocre knives from established knife manufacturing companies that have paid a hefty sum to a celebrity chef to endorse their product or products or in this case chef knives or knife sets.

Does this mean the celebrity knives are not up to scratch? Let’s be honest chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay aren’t going to put their name on anything they think is not good quality – at the end of the day their faces are going to be all over the packaging and marketing material. Can you find better knives rather than a celebrity knife – short answer, probably yes?

Does Jamie Oliver use his Chef Knife sets when cooking, I don’t think so. To be frank in the “real world” you won’t find many if any professional chefs using a knife that is from a celebrity chef’s line – its just not seen in the professional kitchen.

So this brings us to…

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What Chef Knife Does Jamie Oliver Use?

Well after researching and watching Jamie Oliver on his TV shows such as the “Naked Chef” we are inclined to believe that the Chef Knife that Jamie Oliver likes to use is a knife from the Wüsthof range.

Many professional chefs will stick with the same high quality knife brand for many years, if not their entire cooking lifetime. Once you have familiarized yourself with a certain knife or knife brand you tend to stick with that knife brand as your preferred go to knife and use those knives as your best kitchen knives.

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Call it a force of habit or just not wanting to change, but I tend to think it’s just because a chef knife becomes part of you especially when you are utilizing it on a daily basis – no one wants to retrain their hand on how to hold knife if they don’t have to.

As with many high quality kitchen knives if looked after they will last a lifetime. The Wüsthof line of Chef Knives are no exception they are long lasting high quality knives that many professional chefs utilize in the top hotels and restaurants.

Coming back to Jamie Oliver’s knives, they are actually good quality knives that are great value for the home chef. You can pick up a set of Jamie Oliver’s here.

There is nothing wrong with Jamie’s knives and you won’t really be able to tell much difference between Jamie’s knives and those knives used by professional chefs, for an affordable budget Chefs Knives Jamie’s are up to scratch!

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