Cheese Knife for Serious Cheese Lovers

A cheese knife is a must have for any serious cheese lover, of course you can cut your cheese with any old knife laying around the kitchen. But if you plan to entertain guests only a proper cheese knife placed on a cheese board will do.

Cheese cutting is a lot easier when you have the proper cheese knife. There are basically two styles of knives for cutting cheese; knives for soft cheese and knives for hard cheese cutting – of course you can also ways use a cheese grater is you prefer?

Below is our essential cheese knife guide, we are pretty confident you’ll find a cheese knife that it right for you.

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The Essential Cheese Knives Guide

Cheese Knives 1

1. Fork-Tipped Spear: this is the most common cheese knife and can be used for slicing and cutting firm cheeses. The fork tip is used to pick up your cut cheese.

2. Small Spade: this style is mostly used to cut or chunk wedges of hard cheese.

3. Hard Cheese Knife: this style is popular and will be the go-to knife for many cheese lovers.

4. Gorgonzola Knife: if you’re a fan of bleu cheese this knife is a must have. It can easily cut into cheese wheels and wedges and it is designed to spread your cheese onto you crusty bread or crackers.

5. Open Work Blade Knife: the design of this cheese knife makes cutting and slicing through soft cheese a breeze. The holes in the blade help to prevent the cheese sticking to the knife– great for Brie.

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6. Rind Cutter: this cheese tool easily scores the rinds of hard cheese neatly and quickly.

7. Flat Spatula Knife: this thin spatula style tool is used to cut away excess cheese rind and also dividing into small wedges.

8. Almond Knife: this knife is perfect for scoring the rind of harder cheeses as well as opening up wheels and dividing and cutting cheese into small manageable pieces.

9. Spade: this cheese knife is a bit of a work horse as it does all of the heavy duty cutting of hard cheeses.

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Cheese Knives 3

10. Soft Cheese Knife: this cheese knife is perfect for spreading soft cheese onto crusty bread or cheese crackers.

11. Cheese Fork: this tool is used to hold the cheese in place whilst you slice and cut. It’s also great for breaking hard cheese or crumbly cheeses.

12. Flat Cheese Knife: this style of cheese knife is mostly used to cut crumbly softer cheeses or for chipping and cubing firm cheese.

13. Narrow Plane Knife: this knife is just perfect for cutting a variety of different cheeses, like semi-firm cheeses like Cheddar to soft cheeses such as Camembert or Brie.

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