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Pros: These steak Knives are comfortable and fit well in your hand. They are dishwasher-safe so you can throw them in the dishwasher after your meal and they come with a lifetime warranty.
Cons: They maybe slightly smaller than your average steak knives. They aren't as sharp as others we have tried and the serrated knife edge tends not to cut as well once the serrated teeth become full of food debris.

J.A. Henckels S.O.S. Set of 4 High-Grade Stainless Steel Steak KnivesLooking for the best Steak Knives under $100 well look no further! The J.A. Henckels S.O.S. high carbon stainless steel Steak Knives are a great buy and investment. This Steak Knife set is bundled with 4 Steak Knives.

Each of the J.A. Henckels Steak Knives has a 4-inch stainless steel blade that makes cutting through any steak or cooked meat a breeze.

Each Steak Knife is one single long piece of high-carbon, no-stain, high-grade steel that has been produced using Henckel’s Sintermetal Component Technology.

This manufacturing process allows different grades of steel to be combined into a single integral piece of steel which is capable of withstanding extreme stress. This unique manufacturing process also ensures prolonged knife blade sharpness without the need to re-sharpen as regularly as other Steak Knives on the market.

The knife handle is incorporated into the one piece of steel which means there is no additional plastic or wood that is likely to harbor dirt, debris and bacteria. The knife handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in your hand.

These Steak Knives are 100% dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime warranty from J.A. Henckels.

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Our Verdict:

These J.A. Henkels Steak Knives are a great everyday knife that you can toss into the dishwasher with the other kitchen cutlery.

These Steak Knives don’t have the normal “steak knife look” with the bulky wooden handle and rivets, they are very modern looking and because they have been manufactured from a single piece of steel means they are easy to clean and you will not get any food caught in or stuck in the handles.

You will find that these Steak Knives will fit in with your kitchen table cutlery; they are a nice, basic, simple design. Really a great set of steak knives for under $100!

4 PC Stainless Steel Steak Set

Price: $42.49

4.5 out of 5 stars (73 customer reviews)

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