Other Ways to Use Your Serrated Knife – It’s Not Just for Bread!

Other Ways to Use Your Serrated Knife Did you know that your serrated knife can be used for a lot more than just cutting that crusty bread?

I’m pretty sure that you have a serrated bread knife lying around in the kitchen and it’s probably gathering dust unless you make or buy whole loaves of bread.

One of the great things about serrated knives is that they tend to keep a razor sharp edge and the serrated teeth make cutting through foods items a breeze. You can use your serrated knife on many other foods and below I’m going to list just a few.

Other Uses for Serrated Knives

Cutting Tomatoes

Serrated bread knives make easy work of slicing through tomatoes the serrated blade easily cuts through the tomatoes skin enabling you to cut extra thin and perfectly neat tomatoes with little no effort.

When I cut tomatoes at home the serrated bread knife is the first knife I grab – it just does a perfect job!

There are specialized tomatoes knives in the market which are designed solely to cut tomatoes and in fact I wrote an article on the best knife for cutting tomatoes where I also recommend another great kitchen knife that can do just as god a job at slicing tomatoes.

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Cutting Fruit

Many fruits have a tough outer skin and cutting through that tough skin with a regular multipurpose chef’s knife can sometimes become a challenge.

The serrated teeth make light work of the tough skins of fruit, just by using a back and forth motion with little to no pressure you’ll find that the fruit cuts easily and you won’t be squashing the fruit out of shape and loosing that lovely vitamin rich fruit juice.

Next time you prepare fruits like melon, pineapple, lemons and even avocado try using your serrated knife – I’m sure that this knife will be your go-to knife for prepping fruits from now on!

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Cutting Chocolate

How many of you have tried to cut big bars or chocolate with a normal chef’s knife and have found that the chocolate shoots off in all different directions and ricochets around the kitchen – I know right!

Next time pick up your serrated bread knife and try using that to cut your chocolate, the sharp little teeth on serrated knives make quick work of a block of chocolate that you need brake down into smaller pieces, just use a simple effortless back and forth motion on the chocolate.

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Cutting Cake

Yes a serrated knife is perfect for cutting cake – I’m talking about the harder cake varieties like a classic fruit cake or even rock cakes or scones. By using a serrated bread knife on your cakes you’ll find that the cake cuts in perfect uniform slices and there are fewer crumbs to clean up. You really don’t need to use any force when cutting a cake with a serrated blade just use the same technique you would use if you where cutting your crusty bread.

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Are they other food that you use your serrated bread knife on? I’d love to hear your though below!

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