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Best Chef Knives for 2015

As 2014 comes to a close it is helpful to take a look at the top ten  Best Chef Knives for 2015. There are plenty of good choices for a seasoned Chef or for a novice cooking in their home kitchen. We will look at 10 of the

What Is the Best Knife Sharpener?

I have covered some of the best knife sharpening systems in other articles in the past but in this article I wanted to bring them all together in one ultimate guide of the best knife sharpeners. Why? Because I felt that there was room for an ultimate

What is the Best Butcher Knife?

If you’re a professional butcher or just a home cook having a butcher knife is a must if you prepare and cut meat often in the kitchen. When you start to shop around for butcher knives for home or restaurant one of the first things you will

What are the Best Japanese Kitchen Knives?

Japanese knives come in many different shapes and styles and are becoming more and more popular with western chefs. Often looked at as the trendy kitchen knife don’t let Japanese kitchen knives fool you, these knives are truly some of the best kitchen knives you can buy.

What is the Best Electric Knife?

Have you ever wanted to effortlessly slice your oven roast or hams and have struggled to find a suitable kitchen knife that can take on such a laborious task? Well, you need to invest in one of the many best electric knives that are available in today’s

What is the Best Kitchen Knife Set?

Kitchen knife sets come in many different varieties but choosing the best can be a challenge especially if you are on a budget. Typically the best kitchen knife sets come in two basic types; kitchen knife blocks and kitchen knife packs that just contain a collection of

What is the Best Paring Knife?

The paring knife comes in a variety of different styles but the knife has one primary use and that is the tackle those intricate kitchen prepping tasks and allows for a greater amount of control than a larger knife can offer and which your other kitchen knives

What is the Best Bread Knife?

Almost every kitchen throughout the world has a good quality bread knife or at the very least some sort of serrated kitchen knife that can effortlessly slice through crusty bread. If you don’t own a bread knife then frankly I don’t know how you can cut your

What is the Best Sushi Knife?

If you’re a huge fan of Sushi then making homemade Sushi is probably something you tackle at home on a regular basis but without the best Sushi knife your vision of restaurant quality Sushi will quickly become a challenge and a distant dream. You need to choose